"Hiring Pam Cook Communications was one of the best decisions I’ve made as VP of Marketing and Communications for Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina. Since contracting with her in 2010, Goodwill’s visibility in the media and the communities we serve has been markedly increased. She brings a wealth of industry expertise that is unsurpassed. She is not only extremely responsive to our requests, but also proactively works to identify opportunities for our organization. She is an invaluable member of our communications team who works with the utmost professionalism, integrity and discretion. I highly recommend Pam Cook Communications for any organization seeking to elevate its brand image
and awareness."

Jaymie Eichorn
VP of Marketing and Communications,
Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC

"In this era of expensive ad clutter both in print and on television, it is especially challenging for non profit agencies to promote their mission, and educate the public about their programs and services.  Fortunately, Senior Services has been able to rely on Pam Cook to help us break through all of the clutter, and let people know what we do and who we serve.
Because of her vast experience as a former television news director, Pam knows how to approach the news media, and present them with consistently relevant stories about the needs of our seniors. That kind of newsworthy coverage helps us improve quality of life for thousands of  older adults every day.
Whether it's recruiting  volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels, promoting a fund raising art auction, or letting the public know about advances in the treatment of Alzheimer's, Pam Cook has been a tireless advocate for Senior Services, and a master at helping us shape our message."

Richard Gottlieb
President and CEO, Senior Services Inc.

"Pam Cook planned a large event involving the WSFC school system and the greater community from idea to action in about 10 short weeks. Not only did she excel in keeping all parties involved on task in order to execute the best possible event, she was also professional and kept the process fun at the same time. Additionally, I cannot emphasize the value of Pam's extensive contacts. We got quality coverage for the event from all local television stations and most other media sources. She also secured a local television anchor to be master of ceremonies which helped improve the professionalism of our program. As the person who was inspired with the idea for this community action event, Pam kept my entrepreneurial spirit alive at the same time she was dealing with the realities of the abbreviated planning process. Pam thought of the details that I never would have and I can honestly say that I was relaxed and trusting of her abilities in the planning right up to the day. We had tremendous success with our first year's event and I look forward to what next year will bring."

Barbara Saulpaugh
Regional Director
CareNet Counseling
An affiliate of Wake Forest Baptist Health

"JSClark was approaching its 50th year anniversary when we hired Pam Cook to assist with planning a few related activities. We ended up with much more than we expected! Pam became an extension of our staff and took ownership of a plan the we created together. Without her experience, contacts in the media and her planning skills, we would not have developed a successful strategy and our money would have been wasted. With her leadership, our investment has paid off handsomely. From media training for our executives all the way thru redesigning our logo, we depended on Pam to guide us, which she did with energy, professionalism and always with a sense of humor. I would recommend Pam without reservation."

Steven L Johnson
Senior Vice President
John S Clark Company, LLC

"In this day of cookie-cutter, quick fix approaches to marketing and public relations, Pam Cook tailors campaigns and coverage to meet specific needs. The work Pam did for the opening of our new surgical wing was outstanding and right on target. She arranged for a TV News anchor to be our emcee, and she facilitated comprehensive coverage from radio, television, and newspaper reporters, many of whom had to drive over an hour just to reach our hospital. Working with Pam helped us have a successful event, and we look forward to working with her again."

Bill James
Northern Hospital of Surry County

"It takes courage to place your trust in the hands of someone other than yourself to put together a first-class media event at the highest level. But that is exactly what I asked of Pam Cook - to create visibility and goodwill around the presentation of a $250,000 gift to the local Girls Scouts chapter in the Triad from BB&T Corporation.

The gift was made in honor of retiring BB&T Chairman and CEO John A. Allison and his wife, Betty Allison, who has played a major leadership role in the Girl Scouts through the years. Pam delivered on every promise. She has a unique relationship with news organizations in the Triad, particularly with television producers and reporters. Every major news station in the Triad covered the event. Pam even made arrangements to provide stories and photographs to the smaller newspapers unable to attend.

More than 75 attended, including a state senator and house representative. I've been in the news business and dealt with reporters most of my life. Normally soft news has little appeal. I learned from working with Pam that you can generate publicity on a large scale no matter the subject. In the end, it's about relationships."

Bob Denham
BB&T Corporation
Director of Corporate &
Executive Communications
Senior Vice President

"I have been privileged to work with Pam over the past several years. We have found her to be incredibly dedicated and professional. Her abilities and connectivity to a variety of media venues, has resulted, for both of my companies, in the press coverage and a higher level of recognition of our products within our targeted markets.

Pam has been a great asset to our marketing mix."

MM Reynolds
Founder and Designer
Forms+fixtures and 21C

"As the senior staff writer for Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family Magazines, I have had the privilege of working with Pam Cook on several occasions. Ms. Cook has always kept me informed with timely press releases and interview opportunities at each event. Her approach with respect to her clients and the media is one of respect and professionalism. Ms. Cook䴜s ability to familiarize her clients with represented media helps establish a positive rapport between local businesses and the media. I look forward to working with Ms. Cook and her clients in the future."

Carolyn S. Peterson
Sr. Staff Writer Forsyth Woman
& Forsyth Family Magazines

"Throughout my career I have worked alongside Pam for about 12 years. I am confident in her ability to produce results for her current and future PR clients. She is a natural communicator and has built a solid reputation for effective media placement. I look forward to working with her in the future."

Karen Jarvis
The Message Factory

"As a Public Figure in the Health and Wellness Industry, I can honestly say that Pam Cook has been instrumental in helping me exceed my own expected demand for my products and services.  Not only has she helped me achieve the public visibility necessary when you’re separating yourself from the masses in your industry, but she is and has been a valuable part of the media marketing and creative processes for many ongoing and future projects.  From the foundational footwork of web development contacts and connections, to the intricate details of negotiating Hollywood Studio proposals, film and video production set-up and facilitation, Press Releases for public appearances across the globe, as well as countless local media outlet appearances (on all networks), not excluding radio, Pam is my number one “go-to- girl” when time is of the utmost importance and professionalism is absolutely necessary. Often times there have been so many projects on going, I found myself overwhelmed, and Pam’s confident  “I will take care of this” attitude made all the difference in me letting go, and discovering that critical “trust” factor of allowing her to do what she does best!  Her expertise in relationship marketing and the sheer volume of individuals she has in her “contact list” made getting my projects, events and short terms goals achievable in no time at all! My business has grown from a fitness trainer with a local clientele into establishing and branding myself, with the "Want Different Do Different"™ Movement, as a Global market presence in over 31 different countries in just 3 years!  It is without a doubt, Pam’s knowledge, expertise and business connections, that played and continue to play a vital part in my overall business growth. I am looking forward to our continued relationship as I reach for the sky knowing she is capable of handling the Communications required for my continued success!"

April Hartsook
Founder/CEO - AH WDDD® Enterprises
Creator – Want Different Do Different™ Lifestyle Movement
Founder – WDDD® Lifestyle branded apparel
President – HartsooksHeroes.org 501c3 Non Profit